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At Rozie T Dance Academy (RTDA) we have been carving our own niche in the world of dance for over 12 years. We have created a special dance family with dedicated, talented students who always continue to amaze us, practitioners who inspire and many other people who support our academy.

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To dance well is not just about physical strength, it takes mental agility. We prepare our dancers for all the challenges that they will face on their journey towards becoming a professional dancer. We want to be the next generation of dancers, to train with the best and for dance to be our future. But right now if you are young, hopeful and have that need to move to a rhythm then we will take your enthusiasm for learning and will set you on a path as a student of RTDA which is all about being a little bit better than yesterday.

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Roseann who we know and love as Rozie T lives and breathes dance. An impressive dance journey from the London Contemporary Dance Theatre to Chipping Camden via Andalusia! Anyone who meets her is swept along by her passion and dedication to support young dancers fulfil their potential.
After graduating in 1999 at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Rozie went on to run elite performance teams, form a professional contemporary dance company and in typical Rozie fashion, danced on pointe on top of a mosque in Marrakesh! 

The Spanish odyssey continued when Rozie began working with Imma Guerro, one of Spains most talented ballet dancers. She was appointed as Assistant Director of the Performing Arts School of Marbella under Immas leadership.
Finally back to the UK and Chipping Camden where Rozie launched her own Academy. This has grown from strength to strength and has had much success... the next chapter is about to start with a new purpose built dance studio opening in 2021...


We delight in dance, it is our art and we love every minute we are immersed in it. We believe everyone can dance, try it, it’s music for the soul. But to dance well that takes practice, dedication, technique and a lots of hard work. There has to be a passion burning in you that makes you want to make that last move just that little but better, that gets you up early in the morning for practice that makes you feel proud to be on stage. At RTDA we can take your commitment and passion and help you achieve your dream of becoming a dancer.

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We are honoured to have as our Patron the inspirational Namron, OBE. A former student of Rambert Ballet School and one of the original dancers at the London Contemporary Dance Theatre, working with many of the renowned choreographers of the time.  He was the founder of The Place and the first black dancer to be employed by a British dance company. He is recognised globally as a brilliant choreographer and has taken his immense skills into teaching. A founding member of the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, his teaching has benefitted the Phoenix Dance Company in Leeds, Millennium Dance 2000, Middlesex University and Shabaka Jeyasingh Dance Company.

Namron is a tower of strength to our Academy with guidance and wisdom that is so important for our students. He is not just our Patron but our hero, friend and we love him to bits.

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