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Meet Debbie C

If RozieT is the creative power behind RTDA, Debbie is the glue that manages to keep it all functioning.

Originally one of our Dance Mums, Debbie began helping out with the sometimes staggering amount of paperwork the Academy generates, making herself increasingly valuable as time went by.

Right now, we cannot imagine the Academy without her effort.

As well as being a brilliant administrator and our principle cheerleader, Debbie is also a paramedic in training, whose grounded sense of humour and unflappable nature make her an invaluable member of the RTDA family.

Who is RozieT?

Sometimes we think Rozie (short for Roseann) has been dancing for her entire life. An early encounter with the world-famous London Contemporary Dance Theatre back in Year 7 led to her to begin pursuing a career in it.  Soon she was able to arrange her first work as a dancer via the Yorkshire Dance Centre, under the direction of Antony Waller, and she was only 14 when she began taking her first classes.

Over the next few years she began to show a prestigous talent for teaching and performing.  The youngest dance teacher at the famous Leadmill Arts centre in Sheffield, while training at Dancers Republic under Verity Clark, and being a founder member of The Reality Dance Company.  


She gained her Equity Card by being a founder member of the Meadowhall Dancers, the first commercial dance company in the country to be created/employed by a shopping centre and all of this before she even began her professional training.


Rozie trained at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (NSCD) from 1996 to 1999 (representing the students there as Student union President in '99), where she studied under some exceptional lecturers including our patron Namron.  During that time she not only managed to graduate but ended up becoming events manager of The Tunnel Club Dance Troupe- an elite performance team, working nightclubs all over the country.


Rozie began her international career after graduation, forming Diablos Dance Company, the first professional contemporary dance company in Andalusia, and served as principle dancer and artistic director.  Later she was events manager for Spanish radio statio 95.5 BFM, organising roadshow performances and bespoke party events. Rozie also worked as events manager for Olivia Valere and also for Ku De Ta in Bali.


Rozie maintained her freelance performance work during this time including famously dancing on pointe on top of a Mosque in Marrakesh (more impressive given she was fighting off malaria at the time).


Around 2005 Rozie began working with Inma Guerro, one of Spain's most talented and respected ballet dancers, joining the staff of her Performing Arts School of Marbella originally as the teacher of Street and Contemporary Dance but eventually becoming Assistant Director before the loss of venue closed the school down.


Rozie relocated to the UK about then and began her academy in Chipping Campden...

And that's where this madness truly started...

RozieT, Debbie and our amazing patron, Namron

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