Our Ethos

Stronger. Fiercer. Tougher.

Powerful words, but what do they mean?

What do we stand for?

The most important part of RTDA is FUN.  Our students, their parents and the teachers have a lot of fun.  We laugh lots.  We enjoy ourselves.  Without fun- there is no point in doing this.

We are family.  As part of a class, as a company, with the parents.  We enjoy working together.

We delight in dance.  We adore it so.  It is our art and we love every minute of it.  We honestly believe everyone can dance.  It's easy.  Go for it.  But dancing WELL? Dancing in a way that matches the high standards seen by the professionals? That's harder.

That requires practice.  That requires technique.  That requires us to work.

This is where strength comes into it.  We train our dancers to gain physical strength.  The strength to work hard for hours.  The strength to cope with being utterly exhausted and being asked to carry on.  It is the strength to perform when every part of you is hurting.  We love that strength.

But it's not just physical strength.  We prepare dancers mentally just as much.  We are just like everyone else- we get insecure; we doubt ourselves; we feel fear.

Bravery is not the absense of fear. 

It is being afraid and taking that fear and turning it into the energy we use to perform on stage.  It's about taking our doubts and making them our power. 

We do not just dance- we fly. 

We do not just fly- we soar.

This is why we are fierce.

And when we have to get up at some insanely early hour of the morning, to travel hundreds of miles to a rehearsal (and this does happen); when we give our all in an audition but we didn't get it and it feels like a kick to the face; when we wake up the morning after a hard class and muscles we never knew we even had ache really bad...

We carry on.  And we understand what it means to be tough.

We don't believe this is a 'hobby'.  This is our art.  We want to be the next generation of dancers.  We want to train with the best.  We want this to be our career, our future...

And we are young, so maybe we will change our mind.

Or maybe like several who came before us, we never will.

But right now?

We are young, and learning, and training, and improving, making mistakes but striving for perfection.

Right now?

We are stronger, fiercer and tougher than we were yesterday.

We are the RTDA.

Come join us...



Jessi B; aged 14; RTDA dancer

We do not just dance- we fly. 

We do not just fly- we soar.

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