We are always looking to employ Guest Teachers/ Choreographers at RTDA.  Yet we maintain a very strict employment policy.


To teach at the RozieT Academy you MUST have trained at a Conservatoire and performed professionally.

ANYONE can call themselves a Dance Teacher.  Literally anyone.  No training is needed whatsoever.  As such we have been terrififed of the level of ignorance displayed by some. All too often we have had to deal with students coming to us with injuries that could have been prevented or bad habits no professional teacher would ever have allowed to creep in.

We are determined not to add to such nonsense.

Knowledge of physiology, professional ethos, fitness levels, awareness of genre, and more, are required by all guest practioners at the RTDA.


The dance world is a small world; everyone knows of somebody, we have all got some mutual friends.  We will know the people you worked for, and they us.

It's an important safeguard for us, minimising the risk of injury and making sure that we provide excellent quality training for our students. And it allows you know that we our your peers, humble dancers who are proud to promote our art.

If you would like to work with our sensational students, please do get in touch with Rozie T, and we will take it from there.

Guest Practitioners

We have been lucky to have had some amazing guest practitioners over the years...

Chloe W, aged 14, RTDA

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