It's always nice to win awards.  Mostly we focus on awards for our students, but who doesn't like some recognition now and then?

We were humbled and honoured in 2018 when RTDA won the award for best dance school in Stratford-upon-Avon and Rozie T won best teacher.

Earlier this year RTDA was honoured by The Family Network, again a tremendous honour from a nationally recognised organisation.

Summer 2019 saw a new venture for RTDA.  Working alongside AYAW up in Liverpool, several of our dancers were chosen to perform at Disneyland Paris, for a unique bespoke performnce that was enjoyed by both the dancers and their families.

Will we return in 2020?

Watch this space...

In June 2019 we again took part in Dreammakers national dance competition. This year RTDA swept the board at Regional Finals- every dance we brought won a trophy including five 1st places

This November we go to the National's in Blackpool.  It WILL be tougher but we are excited, determined and so looking forward to it.

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